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What Does Your Business Card Say About You?

Your business card does a lot more than provide a reference source for your name and phone number. It is tangible evidence of your credibility. Here are some ways to make your business card more effective.

1. Use color to make it stand out from the stack. 

Using solid color on one side of the card will really make your card look custom. If your company’s logo has a distinctive color or you commonly use a bright accent color, use that color on the back of the card to make a bold statement.

2. Get Good Quality Printing.

If your card requires 4-color process, go with digital printing, but use a printer with high-end digital equipment. There’s wide range of quality when it comes to digital printing. Ask to see samples of other cards they have printed on that same equipment and ask how confident they are that they can match your colors.

3. Use Thick Paper. 

It really does make a difference. A flimsy card feels, well… flimsy. Using 130# (16pt) cover stock will tell people that this is a card to keep, not throw out. It’s made to last, and the quality of the paper will say something about the quality of your business.

4. Look at the Proof.

If you’re not concerned about exact color, you can review a PDF proof, but if the color is important, ask for a hard proof. If the job is digital, the proof should be run on the same equipment your cards will be produced on. If your cards are being printed using one or two PMS colors, there’s no point in getting a hard proof since the ink colors will be specified, however, if you’re running a lot of cards for a lot of people, you can request an ink drawdown to see how your pantone ink color will look on the paper you plan to use before you go to press.

The proof is also your last chance to catch any errors, and make sure that the printed version will match the artwork submitted. One misspelled word or wrong number means you can’t use them at all, so make sure they are right the first time.

5. Keep them in a case.

Never give someone a card with dinged corners or scuff marks. Your card should look clean and perfect and the best way to keep them in that condition is a card case. Also, taking out a card case to give someone your card tells them you take good care of your cards and are more likely to take good care of your clients.