Working with Images

Choosing Images That Work Together

When designing a brochure or a website, one of the ways you can make it engaging is by using images, usually photography. Choosing images that work well together can be a challenge, but there are a few approaches that can help.


This website for Spiegel & McDiarmid features a different image for each of the firm’s practice areas. We chose images that had a “close-up” feel, and dramatic perspective so the images would have something in common.


Use Color

To take it a step further, we looked for images with similar colors. The firm uses primarily orange and blue for marketing materials. The three images above all have a dominant blue. Even though the color is not exactly the same, the blues work together because they are similar in tone.


Using cropping to create similar shapes for images can force commonality when there is nothing else in common. For example, using the same size or shape to contain images can make varying images look like a set. Or if you have photos of people, taken at different times and places that don’t match (like event speakers) – it helps if you can size and crop all the images so that their heads are about the same size.