Whether your publication is for print, for the web, or both, you still have the same content that needs to be presented in a format that is organized, easy to read, and cost effective to produce. Because we have experience with both print and electronic production, we have the knowledge as well as the tools to design a publication that can work on multiple platforms, including e-books for electronic reading tablets like iPad or Kindle.


We understand the anatomy of publications, from the table of contents and masthead to departments and features. Every publication is unique, but there are certain elements in each that inform and help guide the reader. By using those elements consistently, you actually train your readers where to look to find the information they want quickly.

We can either develop a template and the resources, documentation and training to help you implement it, or we can take your template and provide design and production services for each issue.

Training Manuals and Reference Books

Whether your training materials consist of a 10-page how-to guide, or a 10 volume set of books, we have the technical expertise to create document files that look great and are fully functional.

Large manuals are often easiest to maintain in Microsoft Word®. We can create documents or templates that employ some of Word’s® most powerful features:

  • Programmed paragraph and character styles
  • Complex or multi-page tables to contain columnar data
  • Multiple sections with unique headers and footers
  • Multi-document manuals with a master table of contents linked to each document within the set
  • Stylized, editable Smart Art elements like charts and graphs

Key Services

  • newsletters
  • magazines
  • white papers
  • training manuals
  • books and book covers