Brands and Identities

Every company has its own identity, culture and even personality. We can help you create a visual expression of that identity, or maintain the integrity and equity you’ve built in the one you have. We know the right questions to ask.  We ask them, and then we listen. Our experience in asking the right questions and carefully listening to the answers helps us to collaborate with you to create a solution you can feel proud of.

It has taken time for you to build your brand, and it consists of a lot more than just your logo.  It’s how others perceive you.  You can influence that perception to improve it, to better align it with your goals, to better position your company to capture work in emerging markets, and to keep the brand fresh as trends change.

So how else can Noble Pursuits help?  We can help you with tagline and message development.  We will learn about your business, consider your target audience, and look at your competition so that we can tailor an approach and messaging that works best for your company.  You have equity in your existing brand.  Our job is to leverage that equity while helping you to update your look and your messaging.


Key services:

  • logo design
  • tag lines and messaging
  • stationery systems
  • document templates
  • rss integration